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The Game Agency

The Game Agency (TGA) is a game development company that focuses on building game-based solutions to solve a business's eLearning, mLearning, and instructor-led training needs. The company offers pre-built games through a do-it-yourself game configuration app.

What did the customer need?

TGA was looking to support their core team with a software development partner who had knowledge of the eLearning industry as well as experience building games and crafting custom eLearning solutions. Their goal was to create multiple financial literacy courses using a custom, proprietary MVC framework they had already built.

They needed an expert team with the right background who could reliably work on the legacy software platform. That is why their management team first approached our eLearning software development team. 

The Game Agency
What was our approach?

What was our approach?

We assigned a team of two frontend engineers to work hand in hand with TGA's lead engineer. Our engineers quickly learned the in’s and out’s of their custom MVC framework that was built on top of Backbone.js.

In addition to developing the financial literacy courses they spec’d out, we also built a number of reusable components within an interactive and easy-to-use ‘course builder’ that gave an admin the tools they needed to quickly change a course’s design. This feature allowed even the most non-technical person to be able to create a fully robust course without having to code anything or ask a software engineer for help.

Our team participated in daily standup calls with the TGA team to discuss the upcoming days’ priorities, any roadblocks, and ongoing tasks. We also debated the different approaches we could take to complete a particular task, review code, fix bugs, or find better ways to design something as a team.

What were the results?

Not only did we complete the project on budget and in time, but we were able to successfully help TGA narrow the product’s ‘time to market’ window. We continue to work with TGA in game development and sincerely appreciate the positive feedback they share with us about our team and the work they do.

Technology Used

YAML, Handlebars Javascript, jQuery, SCSS, CSS Grid layout, Bower, Gulp, NPM

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