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Keeper - Admin Dashboard

Create admin panels and complex user dashboards, implement permissions, generate reports, view statistics, and run diagnostics with Keeper from Spiral Scout.

Data Portal Engine and Web UI Framework

Keeper gives developers the critical building blocks of functionality they need to quickly and effectively write custom components, like admin dashboards, for their web portals and applications.

Keeper is a simple UI framework with a sophisticated data portal engine that provides helpful features to both the developer and end-user, including tabs, data grids, dynamic forms, and other layout partials. Curation tools, like those that help create collections and customize metadata, as well as integrated data stores and file storage, allow developers to save time bootstrapping interfaces for common use cases.

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Key Benefits of an Admin Dashboard - Keeper:

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    Full role-based access control (RBAC)

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    Simplifies the development of pages and custom pages

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    Provides a toolkit for writing custom elements and filters

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    Easy to extend and scale up

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    Responsive, mobile-friendly (based on Bootstrap)

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    Offers data grids and ajax forms

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    Display custom metrics, generate reports, and run queries with ease

Anton “J.D.” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout and author of RoadRunner

Keeper for Web & Mobile Developers

Build and deploy stable, efficient, and functional web and mobile applications faster with painless configuration of your Keeper admin dashboard. Keeper increases the speed of software development by removing the need to craft a custom data processing pipeline or infrastructure from scratch.

“Keeper sets out to provide a powerful yet simple way for developers and enterprises to craft admin interfaces that improve software usability and drive productivity.”

Anton “J.D.” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout

Thinking Ahead

Keeper rounds out Spiral Scout’s suite of open-source solutions aimed at enabling software developers to write user-friendly applications with cleaner, more efficient code. Alongside powerful products like RoadRunner, Spiral Framework, and Cycle ORM, Keeper equips enterprises and development teams with the tools they need to create amazing user experiences.

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