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Born out of real-world development needs and projects at Spiral Scout, the Spiral Framework is a modern PHP framework designed to power faster, higher performing and cleaner software development.

High-Performance PHP/Go Framework

This high-performance PHP framework is based on the best enterprise-level components of Symfony and Zend including Zend Diactoros, Symfony Translation, Symfony Finder, and Symfony Console. By incorporating these foundational components, Spiral Framework offers innate compatibility with community-driven methods of creating console commands, translating applications, and enabling a wide set of HTTP middlewares based on PSR-7 standard.

It goes beyond Symfony and Zend, however, to additionally offer dynamic database support, simply syntax, and a seamless integration with Golang to increase the performance of your applications.

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Key benefits of this rapid application development framework include:

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    High performance using RoadRunner application server

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    Flexible Domain Driven architecture (MVC, HVMC, ADR)

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    Helps build a strong DataMapper ORM PHP layer

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    DBAL component with introspection, migrations and schema comparison

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    Enables routing, request validation and middlewares (PSR7)

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    Comes with a secure encryption library

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    Offers super RBAC Security components

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    Advances SQL injection projection and XSS prevention

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    Provides multilingual support

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    Accommodates autowiring IoC and dependency injection

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    Static analysis and code generation tools

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    Works seamlessly with Amazon, SFTP, FTP, and GridFS to store content in the cloud

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    Optimized for modern IDE’s to support speed and efficiency

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    Queue supports and out-of-the-box integration with Golang application server

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Anton “J.D.” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout and lead author of the Spiral Framework

How Can Spiral Framework Help Developers and Product teams?

As a modern PHP HMVC framework, the Spiral Framework encourages web developers to create more sustainable code that is easy to reuse and maintain, whether it’s for large-scale enterprise projects with complex backends or smaller, straightforward applications. This both streamlines development as well as improves the overall interoperability of databases. Less time worrying about repetitive coding tasks like writing migrations means more time devoted to innovating, building, and executing sophisticated and efficient applications.

Open-sourced under an MIT license, Spiral has offered a high performing and flexible approach to developing web-based software solutions in PHP and Go. You can access Spiral documentation and starter guides here, and connect with Spiral Framework creators and users by visiting the Spiral Framework website.

“Spiral Framework was a game-changer for both our development team and our clients. The simplicity and power of it allowed us to rapidly train new resources on the same development practices that our senior engineers were using to build robust enterprise applications. In a nutshell, it made serious development easier without sacrificing functionality.”

Anton “J.D.” Titov,
CTO of Spiral Scout and lead author of the Spiral Framework

Thinking Ahead

As their flagship open source product, Spiral lit a fire under the Spiral Scout team that has propelled its developers to innovate even more open source software solutions that focus on expediting productivity and helping software engineers extend their existing applications with ease.

RoadRunner is just the latest example. This high-performance PHP server, load balancer, and process manager is completely revamping PHP application development for the modern era.

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