Appspace is a leader in providing digital signage and workplace experience solutions. Their passion lies in crafting top-tier software and hardware solutions that fuel businesses in their communication and engagement efforts with their employees and customers. Quality and reliability are at the core of their ethos, and it's these values that led us to cross paths.

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Appspace is well known for its comprehensive platform, enabling users to design, deploy, and manage a diverse range of digital content across multiple devices and displays. The complex nature of their software can handle digital signs, video walls, interactive kiosks, mobile devices, and much more. The dynamic capabilities of their software empower users to create interactive content that speaks directly to their audiences. 

However, behind these powerful capabilities lay a persistent challenge. Ensuring comprehensive test coverage for complex and feature-rich software systems is no small feat. It posed a risk of leaving potential bugs or issues undiscovered, threatening the stability, usability, and credibility of the software. Therefore, Appspace sought quality assurance automation experts who could develop a robust and adaptable automated testing system capable of effectively accommodating the diversity and complexity of their software as they continued to develop and add more features.


To address this challenge effectively, we assembled a dedicated software development team that included a QA architect and two seasoned automation software developers to test their system. Our mission was to create both back-end and front-end automated application testing frameworks capable of supporting web, mobile web, and web-native platforms. Simultaneously, we aimed to establish an adaptable architecture that could be seamlessly integrated across different testing stages.

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automation test framework
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  • CodeceptJS
  • Appium
  • Browserstack
  • Jest
  • Axios
  • BambooCI

Our technical approach kicked off with the establishment of foundational principles for implementing automated testing. At the core of our system was the test configurator, which served as a logical component embodying the principles of prototyping and test-driven development. The innovative nature of this solution allowed for the absence of a strictly declared test execution sequence. Instead, the flow test was generated based on the test configuration. 

Our custom solution was structured around the principle of linearizability for both the tests themselves and the functions performed within the automated tests. Linearizability, known as the strongest form of consistency, ensures that every operation is executed consistently with a single machine, even when the data is distributed across multiple replicas. This approach guarantees that each operation returns an up-to-date value. By adhering to this fundamental approach, we achieved significant acceleration in the test scenario creation and exponential test coverage growth.

test automation framework architecture


By leveraging our sophisticated solution, Appspace is now able to deliver high-quality software at a faster pace, driving increased customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and competitive advantage in the market. Our intelligent test automation framework has unlocked new possibilities in software development, empowering Appspace to effectively serve customers across diverse industries while also reducing their own costs.

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“Our solution brought transformative benefits to Appspace. From speeding up testing processes and enhancing test coverage to refining bug detection, elevating test maintenance, and providing real-time insights – Appspace experienced a tangible uplift in its overall software development lifecycle.“

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