SoFi (Social Finance, Inc.) is a publicly traded, fintech firm revolutionizing the world of personal finance. The company offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, ranging from personal loans and student loan refinancing to mortgages, investment management, and insurance.

What sets SoFi apart is its commitment to delivering a highly personalized experience, coupled with access to expert financial advice and professional networking opportunities. The company operates a membership-based platform that streamlines the financial journey of its customers, providing them with the tools they need to take control of their finances and reach their financial goals. 

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Initially, SoFi’s SEO and marketing team approached Spiral Scout with the aim of designing and developing 8 interactive financial calculators that they would use to drive leads on their main website. These calculators were intended to cover a wide range of functions and provide valuable insights and tools to help customers make more informed financial decisions. 

The challenge that arose was to not only create a visually appealing and user-friendly design but to also develop calculators that incorporated complex financial logic and algorithms, capable of reflecting real-world financial scenarios and providing trustworthy results.


Spiral Scout, a software development company in the USA, deployed a well-thought-out design and development strategy to deliver a cutting-edge solution for the interactive calculators on SoFi’s website. Our team started by reviewing the technical specifications and logic for each calculator. For the designs, we conducted some initial competitor research to identify some of the best practices in the industry.

Each calculator and their landing page had to combine the SoFi styles and branding but then had unique user interfaces for each landing page. We designed the custom calculators and landing pages for each calculator scenario. When we saw issues in their requirements that didn’t make sense, we proactively brought up the issues with them and modified their original specification where necessary to ensure the best possible user experience and that it would showcase the correct data results to their users.

Building Interactive Calculators
Design of Interactive Calculators
Interactive Calculators for Website
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Our solution to address SoFi's main needs involved a collaborative process between our design and development teams and their major marketing stakeholders. The development process involved utilizing PHPStorm and OpenServer as the primary development tools, and WordPress as the content management system since that is what SoFi was currently using. The team utilized the latest JavaScript (ES6) technology along with Webpack, PHP, SCSS, Babel, and ESLint to develop the calculators.  

The design phase was followed by a review and approval process with SoFi, after which the final details and code snippets were sent to their development team for implementation on their client facing site. 

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Our team of highly skilled web developers and web designers worked in tandem with SoFi to create a final product that took SoFi's visual identity and paired it with thoroughly researched and designed landing pages and financial calculators.  The design was user friendly and increased the number of leads that converted to signups at SoFi's website.

The successful launch of the interactive calculators has helped SoFi increase customer engagement and satisfaction, increased new leads, and further establish its position as a leader in the online personal finance space. 

Interactive Online Calculator


“These weren't just basic landing pages and calculators. We researched carefully the user to get into their shoes and then made sure the calculators would present valuable enough information to them so they left their email address and became a lead.“

John Griffin Co-Founder & CEO, Spiral Scout
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