Made Man Barber (MMB) is the go-to barbershop located in multiple locations around New York City. For men living in NYC, they offer a variety of grooming services such as haircuts, beard trims, and clean-cut shaves as well as sell a number of grooming products to make sure you carry that style home with you. 

Made Man Barber had a website that served two purposes. The first was to set up bookings options for men to reserve a time to receive one of their services. The second was to sell grooming products online. After a few years of monitoring and analyzing their conversion results, the MMB team realized that their website was holding them back and approached Spiral Scout to discuss their options for improving their look and feel as well as improve conversions. 


Made Man Barber's collective challenge was to leverage their website to convert more of their website traffic into actual professional services bookings and if possible sell more products to them while they were on the site. 

They had collected a lot of past data and analytics which showed less than ideal performance around conversions but their internal team couldn't put their finger on why.  One of the main challenges that we encountered when we first took on this project was that we didn't have a lot of time to review each data source and the client was only using the free versions of the analytics software so it had limited visibility. We were able to combine what we saw and use what we had learned in the past to help guide them on what was the most important items to tackle within their budget. 


To address this challenge and deliver more value than costs, we conducted a comprehensive usability audit by our experienced UI/UX designer and business analyst of the existing website, identifying key areas where users encountered confusing steps or hit roadblocks in the buying journey. We learned a lot from their historical data by analyzing reports from HotJar and Google Analytics. Based on these insights, our designer and e-commerce engineers chose to leverage the Shopify platform. We recommended to MMB a high-performing Shopify theme that we knew could elevate the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Our Shopify engineers also conducted extensive research around the seamless integration with the Zenoti booking and accounting system. One of the major challenges that we noticed was the high dropoff when a user went from the MMB website to the Zenoti booking app. Seeing this challenge, we built a more seamless and convenient workflow for scheduling appointments on the website and in person at the barbershop. We prepared a solution where the booking steps were fully customized and matched the MMB website's look and feel, and we narrowed the options a user had for navigating off the booking process. This kept them on the buying journey by reducing distractions, blending the look and feel of the experience along the way, and allowed us to better track a user's action to make more analysis and have data that could provide insights for additional future improvements. 



Alongside the proposal to integrate with the Zenoti REST API for an enhanced user experience, our Shopify developers presented a solution that was also developed for the integration of sales accounting between Shopify and Zenoti. This meant that inventory changes in Shopify were accounted for in Zenoti in real time. In addition, successful payments were also to be transferred to Zenoti for further use in reporting and analytics.

Our Shopify designers re-designed the entire user interface (UI) portion of the customer facing website. The Shopify engineering team planned each 3rd party integration for the next stage of the project so we focused on one problem at a time and solved that. The approach that our software engineering team took dealt with a more seamless integration with the Zenoti sales accounting system, integration with the Zenoti booking system using their API, and integration with Made Man Barbers payment system.


Shopify Plus was a perfect choice for MMB. They can change content easily via their admin panel so they don't need an engineer each time they want to make a change. They have better analytics and data tracking now so they can make more informed decisions about future work. They are seeing a larger boost in their bookings and site visits that we attribute to the improved UI that focuses on converting leads to bookings while still allowing them to sell products to pad their revenue and margins. 

Our solution continues to add value to the client’s bottom line and their long term success of their business. 

  • Nov 2023 - 30 appointments set
  • March 2024 - 180 appointments set
  • Nov 2023 - 12K monthly users
  • March 2024 - 19K monthly users


“Our experience overall has been very positive.“

Daniel Chulpayev CEO of Operations, Mademanbarber
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