Chequeout provides a novel way for shoppers to purchase merchandise during physical pop-up events, virtual events, or when paying directly on a website checkout. 

Their mobile payment app and inventory management system facilitate quick and easy payments through scan-and-go QR codes - bringing contactless shopping and pickup to in-person purchases, while also adding a new dimension of functionality to virtual events hosted on Zoom. We used these technologies use the POS system at Shopify to replicate the intimate purchasing experiences like QVC or Tupperware Clubs.

Chequeout's innovative approach to handling mobile payments is made better by advanced workflow automation, which means that every scan-and-go transaction is processed seamlessly and efficiently. This type of integration not only speeds up the transaction process but is highly accurate and reliable across all event types.

Mobile Shopify App Integration
Chequeout App Strategy


We started working with Chequeout in late 2019 during the discovery phase of their e-commerce journey. Their vision was to create a comprehensive live shopping platform that would provide a seamless, frictionless experience for both merchants and shoppers, leveraging the power of contactless shopping, QR code technology and the POS integration with Shopify.

To achieve this goal, Chequeout wanted their platform to be the payment tech solution that removes purchase barriers and unleashes a business' potential. The aim was to simplify the adding to cart and checkout process down to a single QR code scan and included large projects like developing multiple streamlined platforms and integrations for inventory management, order processing, shipping, and building a react native mobile app


We deployed a three-pronged approach to find success. Our project manager worked closely with the Chequeout team to facilitate daily communication and feedback, while a dedicated Solution Architect and engineering team collaborated with Chequeout's design team to develop the technical solution would be. Additionally, a business analyst performed discovery to describe all the product's functionality and provide clear descriptions that built the initial SOW and was a checklist during development.

Following a thorough review of the project scope with Chequeout, we established key project goals and developed a comprehensive plan that included specific features for both the Chequeout react native app and the CMS-based marketing site that they needed. In choosing an online shopping platform, we recommended Shopify as the best option due to its comprehensive functionality and seamless integration with POS systems.

Because we integrated Temporal into our solution architecture, it allowed us to create a really efficient operational backbone for Chequeout. Temporal's ability to manage complex workflows made sure that every step from the scanning of a QR code to the final purchase confirmation, we had operations synchronized across the user and merchant platforms and the work we did around POS Shopify integration.

Chequeout App Shopify
Mobile and Shopify Integration
Chequeout App Design


  • Spiral Framework
  • React.JS
  • React.Native
  • TypeScript
  • Kubernetes
  • PostgresQL
  • AWS
  • Stripe SDK
  • Temporal.io

We developed a scalable and secure backend solution using our open-source PHP framework, Spiral and Temporal. Using Temporal gave Chequeout a failsafe mechanism for transaction processing and building more complex workflows.

For the client-side interfaces, we used React.JS ensuring an engaging and dynamic user experience. For the mobile app development, we built the app in React.Native which delivered a smooth and intuitive iOS and Android app.

The POS system integration was a critical component of the solution, facilitating seamless transactions and syncing inventory levels for merchants. The designed POS system we developed had a custom inventory management and order processing system aimed to streamline and simplify the process for businesses to manage and track their inventory.

Chequeout App


Initially, Chequeout planned to launch as a physical scan-and-go app that could be used at in-person popup shows or farmer's markets which had an integrated inventory management POS system. However, the mobile app was released just before the pandemic hit in March 2020, which led to the closure of many brick-and-mortar stores and the postponement of in-person popup events. We had to transform our beta product into a fully functioning Live, social shopping experience that could be used over Zoom and be broadcast almost like a QVC show combined with the elements of your old school selling of products in your living room between friends.  

From the first day, there was a huge demand and the platform had hundreds of merchants and shoppers using Chequeout over Zoom to facilitate ordering and payments using QR codes. Thankfully, the shopping platform hit the ground running and everything went seamlessly, and our certified Shopify experts were able to pivot to make the necessary changes and adjustments because of Covid. 

With Shopify and the POS system integration completed, Chequeout can manage events and onboarding more efficiently, reduce the time and manual efforts needed to run them, and provide their clients and the clients' customers with a superior and alternative shopping experience. 

Chequeout Mobile and Shopify Integration


“Spiral Scout’s a great team and fantastic technology partner that we view as part of our company. They delivered a streamlined platform that has yet to experience downtime. They built flexibility into the development process and provided recommendations, which resulted in simple and fast product improvements and a successful launch. Their responsiveness and expertise is second to none.“

Meredith Dunn CMO & Co-Founder, Chequeout
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