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Anton "JD" Titov

Anton "JD" Titov

Co-Founder, CTO

Anton (JD) is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Spiral Scout.

JD has over 16 years of programming and database administration experience. He has spoken at numerous, global conferences on topics that range from PHP frameworks to using the best developer tools and libraries to speed up software development. JD is not only a leading expert in PHP and Golang communities but he has an amazing ability to architect complex, custom code into scalable and modular software solutions. 

When he isn’t working, he is busy building hardware that integrates with his software or watching TV mini-series.

Learn more about how JD and John met in this blog post about how a software hack launched our full-service digital agency.

John Griffin

John Griffin

Co-Founder, CEO

John is the co-founder of Spiral Scout.

He teams up with Spiral Scout clients to clearly define their business and technical goals. He then obsesses over their target market, treats their product like it is being built for a family member, proactively offers suggestions around what they can do in order to succeed, and how to track that success.

John is a former Wall Street stock trader turned entrepreneur. He founded his first online business, Cutcaster, a stock photography marketplace in 2006. Originally from Syracuse, NY, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was also captain of the men's squash team and played water polo for 3 years.

When he isn’t working, he's spending time with his wife and their child around the Bay Area, writing for Forbes and other news publications about outsourced software development, playing squash at the Olympic Club or rooting for Syracuse Men’s Basketball.

Learn more about how John and JD met in this "how they met" blog post.

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