Best of 2021: Cycle ORM, RoadRunner, Spiral Framework

This has been a WOW year for our RnD team and the open-source projects we’re regularly working on. Cycle ORM, RoadRunner, Spiral Framework – all of them showed great results, and we can’t wait to see where we will be at the end of 2022 (spoiler alert – we have big plans).

Cycle ORM

The hottest and the most recent news is the release of Cycle 2.0! We’d been working on it intensively for the last six months and can say without any doubts: it’s HUGE. 

What’s new? Composite keys and custom collections support, redesigned mappers, different optimizations and enhancements, new packages and features. And that’s not all! Check the link for the full release.

We also reached 100k downloads and came close to 1k stargazers on GitHub. Don’t forget to give us a star here


This year, we jumped from v.1.9.2 to v.2.6.2 of Roadrunner. Just take a look at how our improvements have made it nearly 70% faster!

RoadRunner v.1.9.2
RoadRunner v.2.6.2

And of course, we can’t forget this:

Cycle ORM Micro Optimization

A major update of RoadRunner this year – v.2 with a bunch of new features:

  • Added shared server to create PHP worker pools instead of isolated worker pool in each individual plugin.
  • New plugin system with auto-recovery, easier plugin API.
  • Eliminated limit service, now each worker pool includes supervisor configuration.
  • New resetter, informer plugins to perform hot reloads and observe loggers in a system.
  • New RR binary server downloader.
  • Echoing no longer breaks execution.

Check the whole list (14 extra points!) here. 

Besides the key additions, there are LOADS of new updates like new internal message bus, integration with New Relic as HTTP middleware, new plugins, drivers, bug fixes, and many more. Check out the GitHub page to find the best feature for you and your projects.

RoadRunner also reached half a million downloads and 6k stargazers on GitHub! If you’ve enjoyed using RoadRunner in 2021, we’d love to hear from you on Github. 

Spiral Framework

On our way to Spiral 3.0, we released Spiral v.2.8 with three new key components that now allow engineers to: 

  • easily switch between storage options on your local development machine and production server as the API remains the same for each system – spiral/storage
  • send files to a user securely via CDN – spiral/distribution
  • combine different types of metadata in one place and to read attributes in any version of the language – spiral/attributes
All the release notes and information can be found here.

Don’t forget to become our stargazer too – we have 1k+ now and are growing fast!

Last but not least

We released Temporal PHP-SDK Host Process plugin for RoadRunner: 

We started Spiral Digest where we discuss news and future plans around Spiral Scout’s open-source projects, including Spiral Framework, RoadRunner, and CycleORM. Check them out below and don’t forget to follow our Twitter to catch our upcoming episodes: 

Here’s a bunch of interesting videos you may have missed from Anton, our CIO, and our team. Note: some of them are in Russian:

As 2021 comes to a close, we want to thank our R&D team once again for their dedicated hard work, as well as our contributors and the community that helps us to grow as we continue to improve our open-source projects. We’re very proud to be helping people and teams with our work, and we hope 2022 continues in the same way!

If you have any questions, we’re always ready to answer them on Discord, Twitter or Telegram. Happy New Year!

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