Spiral Scout’s 4 Key Value Props

Over the last 10 years, Spiral Scout has evolved as a company but our underlying ethics, belief system and value propositions have stayed rock solid. JD and I come from different parts of the world but our values and how we add value to those in our personal life and business are the same. We recently wrote down the 4 key areas where we believe or we have been told by customers, we add the most value to their businesses.

We believe these set us apart from our competition. We start each day thinking about and going about our day being guided by these principles. And the next day we try to improve upon the day before. Below are the 4 areas where we know we outshine our competitors and how we can help businesses looking to build software become more successful.

Peace of Mind

Spiral Scout removes the headache when hiring first-class tech talent (which can be time-consuming, risky, expensive, and stressful). Technical and non-technical customers rely on the ease, convenience and peace of mind knowing that Spiral Scout is building them (and continues to manage) the right technical team to develop their digital product.


Spiral Scout provides expert engineering and design teams that companies need to either bring a fresh idea to life or augment a team for an ongoing project. Tech talent and skills shortages are at an all-time high. Spiral Scout can tap into an extensive global network of highly-skilled engineers to connect companies with the right person for their particular job.


Spiral Scout believes in honest and frequent communication that customers can rely on so they know where their team stands on a project and won’t feel left in the dark. We curate smart teams of passionate and pro-active engineers that learn your business and build relationships as well as they do software


Spiral Scout empowers you to do more for yourself and your company. We go beyond building teams that simply craft products; our teams partner with businesses to equip them with the tools they need to take the reins and achieve their goals whether that’s increasing sales, leads, conversions, you name it).

It has taken time, an education at the “School of Hard Knocks” and sincere effort for us to set Spiral Scout apart in software development since it is full of competitors who can blend together on the surface. It is the deeper value props that differentiate us and have led to our success. How do you set your business apart from a sea of similar competitors?

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