What Can Spiral Scout Do for You?

The Spiral Scout, a San Francisco-based software development company has extensive proficiency in multiple software domains. Over the last ten years, we have concentrated our efforts on increasingly sophisticated software projects, gaining deep insights into the software life cycle and enterprise integrations.
What Can Spiral Scout Do For You

High Complexity Projects from the Backend Perspective

Our teams have developed a number of advanced projects related to data storage, processing, and visualization, including:
  • Video processing systems with prediction-based scaling algorithms to allow for the best utilization of available server resources at the lowest price.
  • Digital asset management systems to work with our customer’s content in the cloud; content includes subscriptions, permissions, versioning, and more. Platform content pools across our clients use 25TB on average, so we understand working at scale.
  • Double-sided marketplaces to equip businesses with the tools and know-how to successfully facilitate sales funnels between store owners or 3rd party sellers and buyers online.
We also have experience building multi-faceted enterprise solutions, including:
  • Complex logistic and inventory management SaaS platforms using a service mesh approach and modern communication tools such as gRPC and Pub/Sub. Most of our high-end systems are distributed on Kubernetes, which is deployed and managed via AWS or other cloud platforms by our DevOps team.
Occasionally, a highly-complex project has required us to step out of the classic SQL stack and integrate OLAP-ready database solutions such as Amazon RedShift or ClickHouse. This allows us to provide real-time customer behavior insights and report on long-term trends. Primary backend tech stack: Golang, PHP (long-running processes), Python, some Java and Node Technologies: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, ClickHouse, the entire AWS stack, Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, OpenAPI

High Complexity Projects from the Frontend Perspective

Spiral Scout has built 50+ large Single Page Applications (SPAs) for SaaS portals. We are well-versed in complex client-side applications that require specialized knowledge and extensive research to attain successful results for our clients. Examples include:

  • Content player for a large scale Learning Management System (LMS) capable of displaying customer content with embedded animations, audio narration, voice-overs, and client interactions in real-time. 
  • A “choose-your-own-adventure” video player that focused on real-time analysis of user behavior.

And still, some of our projects have gone far beyond classic SPAs. For example, we developed a CMS product for one client, which allows users to build a page using Business Process Modeling (BPM) block diagrams that are, in turn, compiled into optimized JavaScript code and delivered to the cloud.

In addition to executing top-notch front-end solutions, we have also developed algorithms to significantly optimize back-end programming logic to provide a seamless and efficient experience for the end user.

Primary tech stack: React, TypeScript, Angular, Vue

Technologies: Webpack, React Native, OpenAPI


Spiral Scout has dedicated significant resources and time to developing a custom software stack, which is offered under MIT license to the open-source community. Aimed at making development faster, more efficient, and scalable, our open-source solutions both support our work with clients as well as allow us to give back to the global community of collaborative, supportive development teams. And, of course, we benefit by having our software continuously verified by external peers who adopt our tools for their own projects.

Spiral Scout’s open-source highlights include:

  • https://roadrunner.dev/ – RoadRunner is a high-performance application server which can provide up to a 10X performance boost to a classic PHP application. Over 250k downloads.
  • https://spiral.dev/ – Spiral Framework is a modern long-running PHP application framework built with a focus on quality, cost, and performance. Used in a number of projects.
  • https://cycle-orm.dev/ – Cycle ORM, part of Spiral Framework, is a unique Object-Relational Mapper (ORM). Based on the Data Mapper design, Cycle ORM allows developers to implement complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) schemas without needing to write code.
  • https://writeaway.github.io/ – WriteAway is a lightweight Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to make edits directly to a live site in real-time.

We are also excited to announce a new partnership and collaboration with https://www.temporal.io/ allowing us to build fault-tolerant distributed computing networks that integrate with PHP.

What sets our dedicated and passionate team of designers and developers apart is hands down, our approach to ensuring customer success. We know we can build any type of content processing/transformation pipeline or Domain Specific Language (DSL) engine to support our customer’s needs and craft better software solutions.

Staff Augmentation

While our teams can work on a project-by-project basis, our company also has extensive experience in software development staff augmentation. For example, if you wanted to extend your in-house web development team with any skill set we can either place our team members on your project or actively recruit and hire for your project. 

We are confident that we can deliver valuable professional resources based on multiple factors such as:

Large pool of resources

We have access to a vast pool of resources in Belarus and Ukraine, where the market for software development talent and expertise is rich with super-talented designers and very serious developers who work remotely (outsourced). IT staff augmentation drastically increases the speed at which companies can acquire talent, which helps them meet aggressive deadlines and execute on multiple projects in a short amount of time.

Investments into the tech reputation of the company

Spiral Scout’s open-source contributions, community, and consistent presence at different worldwide tech conferences have contributed to a strong reputation that gives us a competitive edge over other companies. Not only does this help us recruit better tech talent, but we are also able to more realistically estimate client projects knowing we have the ability to onboard whatever expertise is necessary to get the job done. Plus we have the ability to re-use code we have written over 10 years to speed up development. 

Quality interviews

We perform multi-level interviews for all the candidates to make sure that our teams include the best of the best (for example, check our references on a site like Clutch!). By forming a core team within our company, we can access engineer skills from multiple domains at once as well as verify social skills and a desire to grow professionally into different domains.

High retention rates

Our company provides a unique work environment for our employees with quarterly and yearly bonuses and a PTO policy where all team members get every other Friday off; we call it “FriYays.” We believe that proper work-life balance is critical for best engineer performance, and our clients’ feedback since “FriYays” was instituted has shown us this was a great move and has kept our team happy and our clients with the same engineers for years.

Working from different time zones isn’t the burden it once was for companies. A studied and proven approach to communication, process development, and collaboration set our team up for success no matter where the client is located, often resulting in seemingly non-stop development during the workweek.


When our team is brought onboard to existing projects that require extra support, we provide a full suite of audit services to understand the system architecture, the reusability of your code, uncover bottlenecks, and find security vulnerabilities.

We can perform these activities both for the backend portion of an application as well as for the client-facing interfaces. Such audits include an analysis of your application’s performance, SEO rankings/improvements, UI/UX considerations and more.

The results of this work prepare our team to offer recommendations for improvement, suggest design modifications, or run marketing campaigns specific to the customer domain.

If needed, we can also perform Rescue protocols to implement needed optimizations and solve customer bottlenecks.

CMS, Integrations, SaaS

In order to help our clients in more widespread domains, we offer extensive proficiency in technologies like WordPress, Drupal, “headless” CMSs, and others. Our Shopify Plus experts are experienced in working with enterprises and large companies to develop creative solutions for your business

Our custom eCommerce experts understand popular off-the-shelf platforms, like Shopify (including integration of 3rd party software), Magento and WooCommerce. Our development team has the flexibility to support eCommerce projects that already exist on these types of platforms or we have extensive experience in e-Commerce website development, upgrading, and migrating to a new platform with ease.
In more complex cases, we are able to provide services to create more advanced ERP integrations.

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