One of our clients offers a unique video asset management solution, which enables businesses to create personalized, interactive video demos for each potential customer. The system intelligently tailors the content to each stakeholder’s interests, providing a customized, engaging buying experience.

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The client faced a significant challenge when they revamped their application from an outdated setup to a modern microservices architecture. The change led to a major regression and they found themselves short of Quality Assurance (QA) resources with no automated testing in place. Manual testing was consuming weeks of valuable time.

The need for a robust test automation strategy was not just a luxury, but a necessity to manage the chaos and make the testing process more efficient. The challenge was to deal with the regression issue and ensure the new code introduced with the microservices was thoroughly tested.

The goal was to streamline the testing process, reduce the burden of manual testing, and ensure the transition to microservices didn't become a testing nightmare. The aim wasn't just to fix the issues, but to build a strong testing foundation that could withstand future changes. This is a case of how the team overcame challenges with practical solutions, ensuring smooth sailing through the waves of change.


To tackle the problem and meet the project goals, a clear strategy was used:

1. Investing in Automated Testing: resources were directed to create a strong set of automated tests for efficiency and a faster testing process.

2. Making Automated Testing a Priority: automated testing became the top focus in the testing plan, ensuring the whole team understood its crucial role.

3. Integrating Automated Testing into Development: automated testing was smoothly included in the development process, identifying issues early.

4. Ensuring Quality Releases: automated testing became a gatekeeper for quality releases, ensuring only thoroughly tested code reached production.

5. Automating Critical Scenarios: key scenarios were automated, covering both backend and frontend, ensuring a strong automated testing focus on crucial aspects of the application.

In summary, the strategy revolved around using automated testing effectively, integrating it into development, and establishing it as a crucial element for maintaining software quality. The aim was not just to overcome the immediate challenge, but also to set up a resilient testing framework for the future of the client’s project.

Investing in Automated Testing
Shift left testing
Making Automated Testing a Priority
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Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration: Jenkins made sure our automated tests were a crucial part of our CI/CD pipeline, examining each code modification from commit to deployment. Expanding Test Suite: We weren't satisfied with a one-time setup. As our codebase evolved, so did our test suite. Continuous expansion ensured a safety net that grew wider and stronger. Parallel Execution and Cross-Browser Testing: Our tests weren't limited. Thanks to tools like Aerokube Moon and Selenide, they ran in parallel, on various browsers, ensuring our applications were a seamless experience for users, no matter their choice of browser. Smoke Tests for Immediate Assurance: We didn't wait for a full regression. Immediate smoke tests gave us confidence in the stability of our builds. Human Empowerment, not Replacement: Automation wasn't about replacing our manual QA team. Instead, it allowed them to focus on more detailed exploratory testing and managing new features. Data-Driven Insights with Allure TestOps: Allure TestOps ensured our efforts were visible. Proper reporting mechanisms allowed everyone to see the impact and value of automated testing, removing any uncertainty.

Our core programming language, bringing in the reliability and performance needed for building robust testing frameworks.

The main tool for managing our test execution. Allure TestOps provided a centralized hub for test management, allowing us to monitor test results, trends, and overall quality.

Our CI/CD pipeline. Jenkins seamlessly integrated our automated tests into the development lifecycle, ensuring every code commit faced the scrutiny of our test suite before reaching deployment.

These two were instrumental in API testing. Feign simplified our API calls, while Jackson played the interpreter role, ensuring data communication was flawless and efficient.

Moon allowed our tests to run smoothly on different browsers, ensuring a consistent user experience across the digital landscape.

AssertJ made our tests articulate, ensuring that when they spoke, they spoke the truth.

This tool was key for our automated UI testing. Its straightforward syntax and intelligent selectors simplified UI automation, ensuring our interfaces were extremely precise.

Testops Allure


The Spiral Scout QA team has made substantial improvements to the client’s project. We've developed a robust test automation solution with around 1,000 API and UI tests each, covering all aspects of the application.

Regression testing, which used to take a lot of time, now only takes a few hours. We prioritize efficiency to ensure high quality before any release.

Our testing culture extends beyond the QA team. Developers also contribute by adding their own unit and component tests and participating in integration testing. This collaborative approach strengthens our codebase.

We provide clear and understandable reports on the status of regression testing. Everyone, from web developers to managers, can easily understand the current state of our application.

The final result? An efficient testing system, saving time, identifying bugs early, and creating a beneficial situation for the team.

Results of the AQA work


“The AQA team's role is not just testing, but also promoting a culture of quality. With strong automation, efficient regression, and a team-wide commitment to testing, we don't just release the project, we launch it with confidence.“

AQA Team Spiral Scout