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Custom E-Learning Design and Development Solutions

At Spiral Scout, eLearning is in our DNA. Since developing a custom digital asset management system 7 years ago for eLearning Brothers, we have witnessed first-hand the impact custom eLearning development can have not just on children’s education but on job training and e-commerce too. E-Learning courses and software offer a uniquely flexible, accessible, and engaging solution to connecting learners with the educational materials and training programs they need to succeed.

If your business needs an expert eLearning developer or an entire eLearning design team to build a custom online training solution or configure any learning management software, we have you covered. Over the years, we have broadened our eLearning expertise and now offer a number of highly personalized eLearning development services to companies in the United States and around the world.

Our clients reach out to us when they need both full-cycle software development as well as individual services like customizing a specific learning management system (LMS), integrating 3rd-party apps with learning products, creating assessment tools, and extracting robust reports from user data. We partner with corporations and educators to produce a full range of web and mobile applications that facilitate a seamless educational experience for learners.


Type of Companies We help

E-Learning service providers

E-Learning service providers

Our custom LMS development solutions help educators give their learners a rewarding and highly effective digital experience. Whether you need to retool an off-the-shelf LMS or want to build one from scratch, you can count on our eLearning specialists to provide years of knowledge, reliable guidance and fast development support every step of the way.

Corporate training specialists

Corporate training specialists

Are you looking for eLearning software to address unique corporate training goals? You may want to personalize online staff training, create an interactive digital certification program, build a web portal to relay information, or craft an engaging game to educate your employees. Whatever you choose, our years of eLearning experience will help you mold a valuable and compelling product.

Online educational publishers

Online educational publishers

As the eLearning landscape continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever for educational publishers to keep up. Our eLearning specialists help digital education platforms create sophisticated and immersive eLearning solutions for efficiently storing, sharing, and presenting educational content via desktop, web, and mobile applications. 

E-Learning Services We Offer

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems
  • Optimized content delivery systems;
  • Advanced assessment and analytical tools with reporting

Learning Portals

Learning portals
  • Corporate knowledge bases;
  • User roles and permissions;
  • Self-learning’ portals and corporate communities

E-Learning Marketplaces

E-Learning marketplaces
  • E-commerce enabled digital asset management systems;
  • Subscription, SAAS type business models

Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning solutions
  • Mobile - optimized web applications;
  • Custom eLearning mobile apps

Highlighted projects

eReader for Benchmark Education

The eReader application we built for Benchmark Education equips teachers with the tools they need to create a more engaging learning experience for their classroom students. Our team enhanced a number of ordinary multimedia presentations with digital features including annotations, drawings, audio playback and video, all of which made learning more interactive and ultimately more effective.


e-Learning Brothers

eLearning Brothers partnered with Spiral Scout early on to craft what has become one of the fastest-growing eLearning marketplaces in the world, according to Fast Company Inc. Their one-of-a-kind subscription-based service elegantly combines a digital asset management system, a customer relationship management tool and user management software into one powerful eLearning marketplace solution.

Benchmark Education ePlanner

Benchmark's educational platform was missing a critical element - a curriculum-planning tool. Our software development team developed a cross-device application (for a teacher’s desktop and iPad) to address this problem. ePlanner features an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling interface that makes it easy to view, manage, and reorganize individual and group lesson plans for teachers.


Wagfield Dog Training

Wagfield Academy, an online dog training school, was looking for a way to get their dog training materials in the hands of real dog owners. Our designers and engineers built them a custom eLearning solution that allows users to purchase video courses and access other teaching materials quickly and easily. The portal also supports an online dog-loving social community.

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