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For rapid application development, Golang to the rescue!

As a specialized Golang development company, we don’t just have years of experience using Go in our application development — we are also major Go cheerleaders in the open-source world!

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Golang Development

Golang entered our technical stack about seven years ago. As early adopters, we have spent years navigating the ins and outs of Golang app development to ultimately become champions of its simplicity, speed, and performance-enhancing capabilities.

In addition to providing intensive Golang training for our developers, we have also built multiple open-source tools and libraries that leverage Go’s agility and efficiency — products including RoadRunner, Spiral Framework, and Endure.

Our Expert Areas

Golang propels faster, more cost-effective software development for both web and enterprise APIs. With simple syntax and easy-to-understand structure, Golang allows programmers to master growing performance requirements for their apps with ease and enjoyment.

Enterprise Application Development Enterprise Application Development

Golang compiles well across various operating systems making it a swift and effective cross-platform solution for enterprise API development. Free of complex classes and type inheritance like you find with object-oriented languages, Golang instead is based on functions. This plus static typization safeguards code from bugs and other security vulnerabilities.

Golang Web Development Golang Web Development

Concise, clean code is the trademark of a Golang developer. Because Go has built-in garbage collection and powerful concurrency, it offers significant advantages when it comes to processing sizable amounts of data. Even very large applications become easier to run and maintain when Go enters the picture.

Spiral Scout’s Open-Source Products

As the brain-child of a passionate and dedicated open-source community, Golang was, from its inception, designed to make development more accessible and cost-effective. Spiral Scout embraces this same approach to collaborative invention, and that’s why our team has devoted over seven years to developing our own open-source products using Go.

Spiral Framework Spiral Framework

A high-performance PHP-Go framework crafted for enterprise application development.

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RoadRunner RoadRunner

A modern PHP application server, process manager, and load balancer, optimized by Go.

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Endure Endure

A fault-tolerant service container for advanced Golang applications.


Anton “JD” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout

“At its core, Golang is as simple as a language gets. This accessibility opens the door to great opportunities in both learning and adopting the language in development as well as in resolving application bottlenecks with fairly low effort.”

Anton “JD” Titov, CTO

Golang Web Development Services

No matter where your product stands, whether it’s in the early idea stages or already written in Go, Spiral Scout can build you a powerhouse team of developers to help grow your business.

IT Staff Augmentation IT Staff Augmentation

Extend your existing technical team with any number of senior Go engineers committed to creating software products that help companies scale. The best part? Spiral Scout manages all the hiring and expenses so you can focus on what really matters — your customers and your business.

Outsource Software Development Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing software development projects has never been easier. Leverage Spiral Scout’s many years as a leading provider of outsourced Golang web development and find the engineers and designers that will bring your project to life while saving you time, money, and headaches.

How We Work

Agile, collaborative, productive - Spiral Scout teams use processes that work. Whether you want to focus on a single product, extend your in-house team with Go experts who can work across multiple projects, or simply fill a skills gap among your staff, we will seamlessly integrate with your business.

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