Spiral Digest #2

Welcome to the latest Spiral Digest! There are a number of updates for CycleORM, as well as Spiral Framework and RoadRunner.


  • Downloads of Cycle ORM topped 100K. Woohoo and thank you!

We are super excited to announce the much anticipated updates to Cycle. We shared a quick rundown of Cycle over the last few months of development, the changes that were released in the latest update, and what’s on our roadmap for the rest of the year that you can read below. As always we love hearing from the community and we are doing our best to support all your requests. Check out more details here. 

Here is the product roadmap for Cycle ORM:

Spiral Digest 2

Cycle ORM v.1.7 now has:

  • the updated Node data comparison mechanism
  • fixed Entity data comparison with objects in fields 
  • added ability for relations to independently determine related value changing in v.1.7.0 and some bug fixes in v.1.7.1.

The newest updates:

  • demo app spiral/app with CycleORM v2 support
  • added support for Entity typecast handlers
  • improved cycle/annotated package. It’s now more flexible and supports all the new features including custom collections for HasMany, ManyToMany, and MorphedHasMany relations; STI/JTI
  • new CycleORM packages – cycle/schema-renderer and cycle/entity-macros

IMPORTANT: For those using one of the earlier versions of Cycle ORM: 

We’re in the middle of moving the spiral/database package to cycle/database (migrations will also take place later). Before you tag the new version of Cycle ORM v1, where the old package will be replaced by the new one, we would love your help with testing this first. 

In the composer.json within the require section, replace the line for cycle/orm with this: “cycle/orm”: “dev-change-database as 1.7.0”, and run composer up.


  • spiral/database 2.x will be removed, cycle/database 1.0.2 will be downloaded, and the application will continue working with the old namespaces.
  • If you used classes from spiral/database in your project code, they will need to be marked as obsolete by the IDE.
  • There is no leakage of \Spiral\Database\* class names into the database, cache or other repositories in the application code.
  • Presence of old classes in methods / classes signatures will not be affected.
  • DIC configured for old classes will work.
If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us via Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. If everything goes well, feel free to share your feedback too.

Spiral Framework

As we get closer to Spiral 3.0, we keep updating the current version v.2.8, check out the change highlights:


Next, we released RoadRunner v.2.5. 

What’s new? [BETA] GRPC plugin update to v2 and Let’s Encrypt support; Roadrunner-plugins repository. With this update, some drivers will use a new config key to handle local configuration.

Read the full release here. 

The outstanding team supporting RoadRunner never disappoints. When comparing the newest version to RR v.2.4, the new fixes in v2.5 gave us a 10% increase in speed that you can see for yourself below:

RoadRunner v.2.4
RoadRunner v.2.5

Something you could’ve missed

Our open-source projects author, Anton Titov’s speech on workflow orchestration systems at PHPKonf 2021. Check it out!

That's all for now

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