Welcome to our first monthly news digest where we will discuss news and future plans around Spiral Scout’s open-source projects, including Spiral Framework, RoadRunner, and CycleORM.

As always we welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

Milestones and news:

  • Spiral and Goridge surpassed 1k stargazers on GitHub (Woohoo!)
  • Downloads of RoadRunner topped 500K (Woohoo 2.0!)
  • We got verified on GitHub. Check out our Spiral and Cycle pages
  • A-a-and we released the product roadmap for the Spiral Framework so you can follow along with the new releases and see what is on the horizon. What do you think?
Spiral Digest. Pilot episode

Spiral Framework

  • At the very beginning of the summer, we released Spiral v.2.8 with three new key components that allow engineers to now be able:
  • to easily switch between storage options on your local development machine and production server as the API remains the same for each system – spiral/storage
  • to send files to a user securely via CDN – spiral/distribution
  • to combine different types of metadata in one place and to read attributes in any version of the language – spiral/attributes

Full info here.

Also, now there’s a PSR-16 plugin for KV (Key Value) module support in RoadRunner (available from v.2.3.0). Click here to learn more.


  • RoadRunner v.2.4.0 is OFFICIALLY OUT NOW – including the long-awaited and reworked ‘Jobs’ plugin with pluggable drivers: amqp, sqs, beanstalk, memory, local based on the botldb. Let us know what you think once you try it out here

Updates in v.2.3x:

  • New websockets plugin and the opportunity to use protobuf for the RPC calls.
  • Roadrunner is now 20% faster – fixes allowed us to get >206K RPS in the synthetic benchmarks
Spiral Digest. Pilot episode
  • Fixed important bugs: 
  • Bug with TTL being incorrectly handled by the worker 
  • Added RR_BROADCAST_PATH to the websockets plugin
  • You can use RoadRunner to manage your cache layer.


SPOILER ALERT: We’re getting closer to the Cycle 2 release, so there is a bunch of new features and updates available:

  • composite keys
  • custom collections
  • new feature – JTI (Joined Table Inheritance)
  • reworked STI (Single Table Inheritance)
  • mappers for creating proxy entities 
  • many quality improvements: refactoring, adding psalm annotations, typing at PHP8 level, more tests, etc.

Read more about them all here.

  • A mini release of ORM v1.6 is out. Constrain-related classes and methods are marked as @deprecated on behalf of Scope for better compatibility with ORM v2.
  • Also, spiral/database is now a part of Cycle: cycle/database v.1.0 is spiral/database v.2.8 with other namespaces in code. CycleORM v.2 will use cycle/database.
  • Cycle/database keeps getting more and more features: PostgreSQL scheme support added.


We released a new version of Goridge. What’s new?

  • Reduced 50% of bound checks in the frame’s operations.
  • Fixed bugs that incorrectly interpreted header length AND operation.
  • Frame for the internal (but public) operations in order to receive additional []byte slice to skip bound checks.

Here’s it for now. See y’all in a month!

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