RoundhouseOne specializes in providing data-driven insights that enable companies to make informed decisions about their physical assets and spaces. A comprehensive technology suite, coupled with support services, uncovers key correlations between physical spaces and business outcomes. Their predictive models allow clients to explore alternative asset utilization scenarios, providing a glimpse into potential efficacy.

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Roundhouse was looking for a software company to develop a web solution to show the data from the developing tools and services, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions about their spaces. Roundhouse already possessed the 4Daptive Data Management System—a web-based platform with analytics and reporting capabilities. This system aimed to support spatial strategists, planners, and designers, forming the basis for more advanced analytics and a recommendation engine.

The existing code base, including the Drupal core, was in poor condition. Numerous modules were outdated, and some components were either hacked or included a workaround solution. Moreover, the custom code was written in violation of the Drupal standards and best practices.

Despite these technical issues, the project's current non-functional state did not compromise the integrity of the data. Client-specific data remained intact in separate database tables, with a data repository from around 120 clients. While the system couldn't function as intended, it was possible to export the data and use any third-party instrument, like Tableau, to visualize it.


The existing system hadn't seen any updates for almost two years, and the website wasn't fully functional then. We're in the process of assessing the condition of the codebase to figure out if it could be fixed. Our goal was to combine the features of this system with our current Live Data Dashboard, and this evaluation played a crucial role in that.

We started with restoring the Dashboard's core features. This entails the ability to import and view the data, along with functionalities related to file management—enabling smooth importation and viewing of files. Additionally, our team suggested emphasizing the creation and visualization of charts, providing a comprehensive data-driven perspective.

To ensure optimal user experience, our web developers adhere to stringent non-functional requirements. The solution was designed to provide compatibility across mainstream desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE/Edge, and Firefox. The targeted browser versions span the last six months' releases, ensuring that users across various platforms can seamlessly access and engage with the system.

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  • AWS EC2 Instance
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS S3 (Java Script)
  • Node.js
  • Gulp
  • HTML

To address Roundhouse's objectives, we created a streamlined, impactful solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technologies. At its core, we developed a dynamic JavaScript-based website. This platform hosts interactive dashboards that not only display real-time data but also automatically aggregate information from deployed sensors. These sensors capture valuable data over time, forming the basis for insightful time series visualizations.

Our specialists harnessed cutting-edge computer vision technology to understand spatial dynamics better. This involved leveraging camera feeds to meticulously track occupancy and movement patterns. The result is a visually engaging heat map superimposed onto camera imagery.

To accommodate diverse client needs, we introduced a user-friendly customization application. This app allows clients to easily configure bespoke time series visualizations and tailor heat maps to their unique requirements.

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Through a strategic and focused effort, our partnership with Roundhouse resulted in outcomes that resonate with their core business goals. The solution was developed according to the business requirements fixed in the software development specification.

The initial challenge, marked by the complexity of existing systems and poor codebase, presented a significant roadblock. However, our diligent approach led us to a remarkable transformation. The introduction of a user-friendly customization application adds a layer of empowerment. This tool allows Roundhouse to tailor time series visualizations and heat maps to match their unique requirements, fostering adaptability in the decision-making process.

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