Found, an innovative healthcare and weight-loss startup is revolutionizing the industry with its comprehensive, evidence-based approach to weight loss. With a commitment to make scientifically-backed solutions both affordable and accessible to everyone, Found has launched personalized weight-loss programs for tens of thousands of members, significantly improving their health and quality of life.

QA Strategy for weight-loss startup
QA Strategy for Mobile App


After raising over $100 million in investment, Found faced the daunting task of developing apps for both iOS and Android within a tight, two-month deadline, despite lacking significant in-house expertise. The introduction of frequent releases to the App Store and Google Play presented a considerable challenge. The project initially lacked a dedicated QA team and established QA processes. The scope of regression testing expanded to include not only the app itself but also integrations with third-party applications such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Amplitude (analytics), and Braze (customer engagement services).


To address these challenges, our QA experts developed a comprehensive test strategy. This included functional and regression testing on the most widespread OS versions for Android and iOS, integration testing, and smoke testing on less popular OS versions using real devices in the cloud. The QA strategy also incorporated sanity checks on production builds and monthly monitoring of the top operating system versions among the app users. In addition to testing development results, our QA team also managed both front-end and back-end tickets from the customer's development teams, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to the project's success.

QA for iOS and Android
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Our QA experts implemented functional testing using builds from the Expo tool, later transitioning to AppCenter. Testing was conducted with the aid of Charles Proxy and Postman to check requests under the hood. To ensure coverage, the team utilized both real devices from the cloud (BrowserStack) and physical devices maintained on the most popular OS versions among Found's customers. The QA team lead also monitored customer OS version statistics monthly in DataDog. Additionally, the team defined a detailed checklist for regression testing and kept it updated, ensuring the project's adaptability to changing requirements.

QA regression testing


The QA team's efforts were pivotal in establishing robust quality assurance processes, including the creation of a regression testing checklist, a bug report template, and a system for t-shirt size estimations. Their work facilitated weekly releases without critical bugs reaching end users on production, and they regularly proposed usability improvements. As a result of these efforts, Found successfully released apps for both iOS and Android within a tight deadline, contributing to the company's impressive growth of more than 500% year-over-year.

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“As our application's complexity increased, the Spiral Scout QA engineers stepped up, managing the details with a proactive and self-driven approach. They've been instrumental in filling knowledge gaps and ensuring we stay aligned with our objectives. The QA engineers have provided numerous suggestions for UI and UX improvements, significantly enhancing our software's quality.“

Hector Borges Engineering Manager, Found
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