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Pricing options for web design and development

Project Quote

Project Quote

(fixed price)
Sprint Based Pricing

Sprint Based Pricing

(price per resource based on
10 working, business days)
Project Quote

Project Quote

A project quote is essentially a fixed price bid associated with completing an entire project. This includes everything from design, development, project management, bug testing and deployment of your software.

For businesses with a well-defined, written out vision of their project (including a precise spec, wireframes, or user stories etc.), a project quote will be the entirety of what you will pay for development and design work. At Spiral Scout, we always honor a fixed price associated with a project and promise to deliver a fully-working product by the deadline. 

To recap, the pro’s of a project quote pricing model include:

  • A guaranteed working product at the end of the project timeline
  • Assistance from a project manager and business analyst to refine objectives and specs

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized projects

  • Fixed price and a deadline for the entire project

For fixed price quotes, we require partial payment prior to development. In most cases, 50% will be required upfront and then the balance will be due once milestones are reached.

Sprint Based Pricing

Sprint Based Pricing

Sprint-based pricing, on the other hand, embraces the best practices of Agile development methodology. Agile development is a more iterative “rinse and repeat” approach. Sprints are generally defined as 1 or 2 weeks of work for a designer, developer or team. We will price a sprint depending on the amount of time and the number of people working during the sprint. At the end of each sprint, our development team will provide you with a full demo of their progress. At that time, you can agree upon new features to implement, extra pages you may need to be designed, or changes to existing functionality that need to be updated in the future sprints.

This type of rapid delivery and iterations incorporates frequent feedback and input from the customer, giving you much more control over the product during development than a fixed price model. You can learn and course correct as you go much easier in this model.

To recap, the pro’s of a sprint-based pricing model include:

  • Suitable for long-term projects, where the tasks are not necessarily well-defined upfront and flexibility is needed in planning and execution
  • Customer commits to one sprint at a time (and pays at the start of each sprint)

  • Customer retains a large amount of control during the development lifecycle and has frequent opportunities to share feedback, make changes, etc.
  • Development can be more user-focused (often a result of continual customer involvement)

  • Accessibility to Spiral Scout's development team Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1 pm PST

At Spiral Scout, we start all our pricing conversations the same way . . . to find out what you are looking to create, how detailed your initial plans are, and how quickly you need the work completed. We’ll work with you from the outset to mold a realistic understanding of the project’s scope and then help you decide which type of pricing model best suits your objectives. Our pricing takes into account our experience, our hourly rate, our overall costs (includes office overhead, taxes and wages) and the long-term value of consistent communication with and support of our customers.

Get in touch with us below to learn more about which type of pricing plan is right for your project.

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