Pricing options for web design and development

1. Project quote (fixed price)

2. Sprint based pricing (price per resource based on 10 working, business days)

3. Time and material (hourly work)

First, if you ask for a project quote or a fixed price bid to complete your project, it means that you have a clearly defined plan of what you want written our or in wireframes and our team clearly understands the complexity of your project. A project manager and business analyst will work with you to refine your projects description that you will approve before any work is started. The project quote will detail out all the costs and timeline to complete your project. In general, this type of quote doesn’t allow the client to change their mind a lot during development unless a change of scope document is agreed upon by both sides. While not very client-oriented, it is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to complete a web project because the engineer knows exactly what they have to build from day 1.

What you can expect

You get a fully working and ready-to-use website or app by the end of the project term.

The exact cost is specified and agreed upon before any development and design work is done. We will honor that fixed price and perform all the work at that number.

Partial payment is due prior to development. In most cases, 50% is due upfront and then the balance is due once milestones are reached.

This type of pricing is suitable for small to medium sized projects that have precise and well-defined technical tasks

The client is not allowed to make large changes during development

The second way we can price a project is on a 'sprint' basis using the best practices of Agile development methodology. These sprints are generally defined as 1 or 2 weeks of work for a designer, developer or team. At the end of each sprint our development team will provide you with a full demo of their progress. At that time, you can agree upon, new features to implement, extra pages you may need designed or changes to existing functionality that needs to be updated based on client feedback. Please get in touch with us to learn more about Sprint pricing for your particular project.

What you can expect

The sprints price will depend on the number of resources on your project and will be decided upon prior to a sprint starting.

The initial estimate we provide is just an approximate

Suitable for long-term projects, where the tasks are not well-defined upfront and flexibility is needed in planning and execution.

You pay at the start of each sprint so you only have to commit to one sprint at a time.

We will be available to speak or demo Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm PST.

And lastly, we offer hourly prices that range from $60-90 per hour depending on the level of engineer/designer/SEO professional that is working on your tasks. At the end of the week, we will send you an itemized invoice with the task that was worked on (broken down as small as we can), the length of time it took and the engineer who worked on it so you are confident that the work is progressing efficiently and cost effectively.

What you can expect

The weekly costs will depend on the number of hours worked and by whom.

We bill on every 10-minute increment.

The initial estimate we provide is just an approximate.

Suitable for long-term projects, where the tasks are not well-defined upfront and flexibility is needed in planning and execution.

Good for smaller projects or minor updates.

In some cases, we offer special discounts for agencies looking to use us as a “white label” partner and for non-profits. Our pricing takes into account our experience, our hourly rate, our overall costs (includes office overhead and wages) and the long-term costs of constantly communicating with and supporting our customers. Get in touch with us below to learn more about which type of pricing plan is right for your project. 

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