Moment is a pioneering native iOS application and a cutting-edge, fully responsive two-sided marketplace that allows fans to connect with influencers via highly personalized, 30-second videos. The platform offers influencers an unprecedented channel to directly engage with their audience on a personal level. Through Moment, they can express gratitude, share insights, celebrate milestones, or provide encouragement, all within the confines of a concise video. 

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Moment's founder, Michael sought a dependable engineering team to complement his product and marketing expertise. His idea was to create Moment, a pioneering two-sided marketplace designed to seamlessly connect buyers and sellers. However, realizing this ambitious concept demanded a software development company capable of transforming his vision into a functional platform. Our team of skilled web and mobile developers, known for innovative problem-solving, was the perfect fit to give life to Michael's vision and build the Moment platform as a tangible, user-friendly reality.


Our approach revolved around fortifying the foundation of Moment's vision – a dynamic, responsive, two-sided marketplace website. To achieve this, our team of experts started with developing two distinct iOS applications, meticulously tailored to meet the needs of buyers and sellers individually. This strategic move not only ensured a well-rounded user experience but also augmented the platform's overall functionality.

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  • Facebook API
  • Native iOS
  • Mailchimp API
  • Stripe payment system integration
  • Google Analytics
  • MongoDB
  • Spiral Framework
  • Responsive framework
  • HTML5
  • ECMAScript 5
  • CSS3
  • Spiral JavaScript toolklit
  • LESS CSS preprocessor
  • Ractive.js templates
  • Video.js video player

Our collaborative effort with Moment resulted in a transformative solution that seamlessly caters to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, the process is seamless – they can effortlessly connect via Facebook or email, explore a wide array of celebrities, and securely purchase captivating "Moments," which can then be effortlessly shared across various social platforms. The accessibility factor is elevated with the choice of using either the responsive website or the native iOS app, both offering identical functionalities. 

On the seller side, the applications enable sellers to flexibly manage the availability of Moments, effectively handle requests, and create personalized video messages for their fans. This holistic platform also empowers sellers to direct their earnings towards the charity of their preference.

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The collaboration between Moment's visionary founder Michael and our skilled technical team yielded impressive outcomes. By seamlessly integrating our expertise with Michael's product and marketing acumen, we successfully brought Moment's two-sided marketplace to life. The innovation lay in iOS applications development, tailored for buyers and sellers respectively, ensuring a comprehensive user experience.

What truly distinguishes this project is its holistic approach, allowing sellers to contribute their earnings to preferred charities. The success of this collaboration lies in the harmonious blend of Michael's strategic direction and our technical finesse. Together, we've not only transformed Moment into a thriving platform but also showcased the power of collaborative synergy in creating transformative solutions.

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“I had the opportunity to work with John + Spiral Scout in San Francisco and within a short span of time, I realized their true potential as a full-service agency. The team is full of world-class web and mobile developers with very innovative skills in problem-solving. Can't wait for the opportunity to work together again.“

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