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Whether your software isn't singing, your e-store's stalling, or you just can't get a grip on those data insights, you're not alone. We solve those software challenges. Think of us as your rapid-fire tech cavalry. Whether you're an EdTech startup looking to innovate or an E-commerce champ aiming to grow your sales, our talent pool is tailored to YOU. No more weeks spent hunting for the right engineer. No more HR headaches. Just top-tier tech talent, passionate team mates, and more features released. Your next technical co-founder or immediate engineering help is just a conversation away. 

Attracting enterprise clients and saving $100k+ each year
PIB Sales Redesign and development
PIB Sales
Redesign and development for a global bearings distributor
Building the world’s largest library of eLearning assets
mobile healthcare app development
Found App
React Native App Development For Found - Weight Loss Program
Empowering students and landing multi-million dollar deals
Temporal PHP SDK
Temporal PHP SDK for microservice platform
Brilliant.tech Smart Home Systems
Shopify custom development for a leading smart home device manufacturer


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2023, 2024
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Our software development company has spent over 13 years recruiting, vetting, hiring, and managing the top software engineers for our startup and Fortune 500 clients. We promise results and delivery with staff augmentation services. Let us do the same for you. 

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  • We've kept the same team size, while reducing costs by about a fifth of what our previous local full-time team had been operating at.
    Geoff Beckstrom VP of Operations, Consens.us

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Our augmented teams onboard seamlessly, quickly, and efficiently. Once we know your system and team style, we produce results right away. As we learn more about how you work, we will proactively help you with recommendations and feedback to improve your business. Check out our 5-star reviews from 100+ clients who have used our services and teams.  

Our IT staff augmentation services help to adjust your tech team size on-demand, seamlessly integrating skilled IT professionals as your project needs to evolve.

As a dedicated IT staff augmentation company, we can assemble a full-service, dedicated team of front and backend developers, mobile engineers, database administrators, UI/UX designers, software testing experts (manual and automated), product owners and business analysts, and project managers.

Access a vast pool of dedicated IT professionals, ensuring the right expertise for your unique technical challenges.

Bypass lengthy recruitment processes, get headcount approved, rapidly onboard seasoned tech experts, and expedite your project timelines.

Save on overhead expenses like benefits and taxes, by tapping into a pay-as-you-go model with strategic staff augmentation, getting quality IT talent without the full-time financial commitment.

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IT staff augmentation focuses on in-house team expansion by outsourcing the required tech talent. This IT staffing solution helps your company stay agile, averting the hassles of recruiting in-house tech experts, especially if professionals or high-level tech talent are needed.

Staff augmentation is when you hire a temporary worker to address temporary needs, like increased workload or specific skill gaps, for smooth and efficient project completion. Consulting is when you hire an external company that analyzes your entire team's operations, identifies areas for improvement, and offers solutions to optimize workflow and achieve strategic goals.

7 Benefits of IT Staffing:

  1. Cost-Saving Without Affecting Quality. 
  2. Access To A Larger Pool Of Experienced Talents. 
  3. Higher Scalability for Expansion.
  4. Constant Nurturing Based on Objectivity.
  5. Greater Project Visibility.
  6. Result-Centric Approach.
  7. Better Control Over Company Operations.

The average houlry rates and cost of hiring an IT staff augmentation company ranges between $25–$99 per hour depending on the experience level and specific technical expertise you need.

One of the first steps in choosing an IT staff augmentation company is to assess your company's IT staffing needs. This means pinpointing the exact skill sets required and the project's overall scope.  This clarity acts as a roadmap, ensuring you select a staff augmentation agency with the perfect talent pool to augment your existing team and expedite your project forward.

The staff augmentation process flow is a flexible way to outsource skilled IT resources and manage them as part of your internal IT team. Being employed by a staff augmentation vendor, this process reduces the company's cost, time, and effort of engaging full-time staff members.

Yes, IT staff augmentation is an ideal solution that allows you to scale your resources up or down seamlessly as project needs evolve. This avoids the commitment of a full-time hire of a software development team while ensuring you have the right tech talent at the right time, maximizing project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.