Scale Your Team With IT Staff Augmentation

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Have a software development project but not enough hands or the expertise to complete it? You may be considering nearshore or offshore IT staff augmentation services which Spiral Scout can help you understand better. Quickly ramp up (or down) your technical resources with outsourced IT talent you subcontract by the hour, week or month to help advance a project. Meet aggressive deadlines, get your product to market faster, and innovate at higher levels with IT team augmentation.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation


Find short and long-term developers to fill a variety of technical needs and skills either on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis.


Rely on the deep knowledge and experience of our technical experts to grow your technical stack on demand. We provide experts that can fill high-demand roles and come up to speed quickly. Boost your project with our software development staff augmentation.

Shorter time to hire

Dramatically reduce the time and expenses around finding and hiring the right engineers. Just pay one rate and forget all the benefits, taxes, and other headaches you avoid when hiring full-time employees. 

Supercharge your assets

Increase team size up or down while seeing productivity grow quickly and efficiently. Our senior engineers make onboarding efficient, quick, and easy every time. 

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Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Fast onboarding

Our teams are adept at onboarding quickly and efficiently, while producing results right away. Check out our 5-star reviews from 90+ clients who have used our services and teams.  



As a dedicated IT staff augmentation provider, we can assemble a full-service, dedicated team of front and backend developers, mobile engineers, database administrators, UI/UX designers, software testers (manual and automated), product owners, and project managers.

Scalable opportunities

Depending on the needs of your project, we can grow or shrink your outsourced IT development teams on-demand to avoid the headaches that come with hiring full time employees. 



One team member will be the point person for organizing the entire project, keeping the communication transparent and clear, and moving along a project so we stay on time and within budget.


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Why Partner with Spiral Scout for IT Staff Augmentation?

Proven recruitment and project success

Our software development company has spent over a decade recruiting, hiring, and managing the top software engineers for our Fortune 500 clients. Let us do the same for you. 

High rate of retention and referrals

Spiral Scout team members stick around and refer other developers, designers, and project managers because they love the work. See how we take care of them with our Fridays off policy.

Stay within budget

Outsourcing IT staff augmentation services to our team of industry experts, allows you to tap into a global talent pool at super-competitive rates that keep you within your budget and on time. We have proven time and again to be highly skilled in strategy, planning, web development, web design, and providing revenue-driving internet marketing services.


IT Staff Augmentation Checklist

Spiral Scout checks all the boxes and works to deliver more than just great software. We provide transparent and honest communication. We hit deadlines. And we deliver on what we say we will do.  We won't start any work until everything is clear and you know what we will deliver back to you. 

“We've kept the same team size, while reducing costs by about a fifth of what our previous local full-time team had been operating at.“

Geoff Beckstrom VP of Operations, Consens.us

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