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Providing mobile app development services is about so much more than just releasing any old mobile app. It’s about creating a thoughtful, intuitive user experience that translates beautifully across devices, screen sizes, and operating systems.

More than half of all users on the internet at any given time are accessing it from a mobile device. For companies big and small, this rapidly growing trend in mobile use means one thing - to succeed online you have to be thinking mobile-first.

Since 2009, Spiral Scout, as one of the leading mobile development companies, has been providing custom mobile app development and design services to businesses based in San Francisco and across the U.S. From beautiful and responsive websites to compelling interactive apps for iOS and Android, our focus on a consistent and rewarding user experience has been key to our mobile development success.

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Native App Development

When building an app that is native to a specific operating system, whether it’s iOS or Android, you want an engineering partner with the expertise and experience to bring your idea to life and know the tiny nuances of both platforms.

Spiral Scout’s knowledgeable team of mobile app developers is passionate about connecting mobile users and businesses in unique and powerful ways. We have also perfected the most efficient and successful ways to get apps reviewed and accepted by the iTunes App and Google Play stores.


Does your website display beautifully and work seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes? If not, you may be in the market, not for a native mobile app developer, but for a mobile-friendly website engineering team.

Spiral Scout engineers and web designers have built a number of top-rated responsive websites for San Francisco businesses and continue to set the highest standards in web design and user experience.

Whether your existing website needs an upgrade or you’re looking to create a fresh new mobile interface for your business, our software development company can help. 

Cross-platform Solutions

Wondering whether to start with a native app or build a hybrid cross-platform mobile solution to begin? Partner with Spiral Scout, a US-based mobile app development company, and you’ll work with a mobile app development team that not only offers vast programming experience using multiple languages, mobile APIs, and development frameworks but connects you with mobile specialists who can collaborate and offer guidance around which mobile solution is best for your business.

We will walk you through the pros and cons of each and every approach in plain and easy-to-understand English. Then we will architect a mobile strategy based on how you want to engage your customers.

Spiral Scout offers cross-platform mobile app development services that can work in different environments allowing businesses to save time, money, and resources.

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Why Partner with Spiral Scout for Mobile App Development?

Top-tier Mobile Design

Whether they are swiping, tapping, or pushing buttons on their smartphone, you’re ideal mobile user is in need of an outstanding customer experience uniquely tailored to their device. We design high-performing mobile apps that focus on guiding your customer through intuitive and engaging journeys, all reinforced by best practices outlined by both Apple and Google

Scalable Code

Our mobile app developers build applications that are user-centered, engaging, and most of all, scalable so they can grow with your business. We avoid building applications that are monolithic and prefer building distributed systems that offer the highest flexibility and scalability. That means that in addition to a fully workable application our partners can expect well-commented code, comprehensive user documentation, and a reliable partner to help you at every turn.

Superb Security

You can’t take any risks with mobile apps, especially when you are handling payment information or storing sensitive customer data. Spiral Scout mobile engineers prioritize security through each step of the web development, following industry best practices and guarding against vulnerabilities like data leakage and hack attacks. Our website support and maintenance can provide you with ongoing and reliable solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Time-proven Workflows

Polishing workflows and aggregating customer feedback over the past 10 years has helped Spiral Scout evolve into one of the most efficient and successful mobile app developers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We pride ourselves on listening, coordinating resources, and implementing time-tested strategies to deliver your mobile app solution on time and within budget.

Whether you haven’t yet started your mobile app development, are in the middle of it, or have some issues with a finished app, contact Spiral Scout to hire mobile app developers now.

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“In today’s highly competitive market, having a mobile friendly application is critical. This is something that your customers take for granted now. We understand the benefits of a mobile first experience and will use that knowledge to guide your online business towards success.“

Anton “JD” Titov CTO of Spiral Scout

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