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We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but with an online business, it’s hard not to judge them based on their website. Website visitors can form an opinion about a company is like in less than 10 seconds. If first time visitors face some technical issue, like frustratingly slow load speed, server errors or broken links, chances are they won’t stay and will search for your competition.

Spiral Scout provides custom website support and maintenance services to companies based in San Francisco, CA, and elsewhere around the US. Our team makes sure your website loads quickly, runs without errors and makes the best first impression on your potential customers visiting the website.

Ongoing Website Custom Support Services in San Francisco



The Spiral Scout website maintenance team has the experience to support and fix any web application code when an issue is identified and needs to be addressed. This service coverage may include, but is not limited to, visual presentation problems (layout and markup), interactivity issues (JavaScript), logical and computational problems (JavaScript and PHP), errors in data (database administration), and problems arising from the differences between web browsers (cross-browser compatibility and new versions compatibility).

Incident Response

incident response

Our website support specialists can resolve a service outage, security breach, or similar problem impacting the underlying infrastructure that supports your application or website. These are issues related to the servers, application services (database, web server and modules, etc), file storage, and domain name resolution (DNS). This work may include, but is not limited to, system administration, database administration, 3rd-party service administration, data recovery, and forensic analysis.

Proactive System Administration and Monitoring

System Administration

Backups improve the chance that you will be able to recover your data during a data loss event. At the same time, security patches reduce the chances and impact of any security breaches. Ping watchdogs, system health indicators, manual and automated log reviews, and other monitoring techniques help find problems as soon as they arise and automatically notify the incident response team of a potential issue. Such measures allow our website maintenance experts to increase the system’s resilience, help prevent potential issues, shorten response times and thus reduce the impact incidents may have on the application’s performance.

Proactive Quality Review and Reporting


Regular quality reviews help find potential software bugs, performance issues and problems arising from third-party software upgrades before they become emergencies impacting the bottom-line of your business. Additionally, these end-to-end reviews are important to discover opportunities for improving the overall user experience and planning future upgrades. Spiral Scout’s website support team will provide the findings of these reviews in reports as well as estimates around how long they will take to address so that you can make informed decisions regarding whether to take action and how best to do so.

Anton “JD” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout

Fixing incidents quickly reduces the impact such issues have on the system’s performance and our client’s business. However, when providing custom support and maintenance services, our main priority is taking proactive measures first around administering and monitoring the system, as this helps prevents incidents from happening in the first place.

Anton “JD” Titov, CTO of Spiral Scout

Why Spiral Scout?

Rich technology expertise

For over 9 years, Spiral Scout has been providing custom web and mobile solutions for companies in California and nationwide. We have built applications both from the ground up, worked alongside internal development teams or taken over projects started by other teams. This means our website maintenance specialists can quickly familiarize themselves with someone else’s code, document issues and vulnerabilities that require immediate attention and find the most cost-effective ways to fix them, When you rely on us for website maintenance and support services, we promise you will get a smoothly running application at a reasonable rate.

Transparent and flexible pricing

Maintenance needs vary greatly from one web application to the next, and we understand the major differences. Therefore, Spiral Scout offers different levels of technical support and maintenance service plans, each representing a specific combination of skills, man-hours and tools. Based on the plan you choose, our website support specialists will provide you with thorough system administration, monitoring and reporting, as well as timely resolution of any found incidents. Moreover, any project we build for a client ourselves, as a guarantee of their quality, our team will fix any issues and bugs free of charge for the first 60 days after release.


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Case Studies

While working on the development of a new app, Spiral Scout took over the maintenance of the existing platform and managed to reduce the server and hosting costs and fix multiple technical issues.

Having built the frontend and backend of a digital asset management system for e-Learning Brothers, we continue our partnership with the client by providing ongoing maintenance and updates for the application.

Our all-round partnership with Drew Altizer Photography includes ongoing support and maintenance services for the ecommerce and media distribution platform we’ve built for the client.

This WordPress-based marketplace for luxury vacation rentals had a number of bugs which prevented visitors from converting into clients. While working on re-design, we also fixed the existing technical issues from a previous Wordpress engineer.

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