Website Support and Maintenance

Website Support & Maintenance Services

Does your website look great but constantly give your visitors technical trouble? From slow loading speeds to server errors, broken links, or images not rendering, common website hiccups are a sure-fire way to drive your customers straight into the arms of your competition.

As a US-based software development company, Spiral Scout provides custom website maintenance and support services to companies around San Francisco, CA and the U.S. Our software specialists and DevOps team are dedicated to making sure your online business and software run smoothly and has 100% uptime. As your partner, our web development company provides you with a custom website maintenance plan that helps your business deliver a secure, fast, and seamless online presence. 

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Custom Web Maintenance & Support Services


When an issue with your website is identified, you can count on Spiral Scout to respond and fix it quickly. As a website maintenance and support company, Spiral Scout’s vast expertise in helping businesses manage legacy and older websites means you get website support that goes beyond simply patching up bad code. 

You get comprehensive website maintenance service coverage that improves your website’s user experience and addresses a range of issues including visual presentation problems (layout and markup), interactivity bugs (JavaScript), logical and computational problems (JavaScript and backend code), data errors or connectivity issues (database administration), and issues arising from the differences between web browsers (cross-browser compatibility and new versions compatibility).


In the case of a data loss event, recovering vital data and getting your website back online as fast as possible all comes down to having extensive and accessible backups. Similarly, security patches and routine plugin updates can lower the risk and impact of security breaches. In addition to these measures, Spiral Scout support specialists will set up and use proactive monitoring tools like ping watchdogs, system health indicators, and log reviews that help spot problems as soon as they arise and automatically notify the incident response team that a fix is needed urgently.

These tactics will increase your system’s resilience, reducing the impact incidents may have on your web application’s performance and overall downtime.

Incident Response

Any incident which impacts the underlying infrastructure of your web application requires a swift and tactical response to mitigate risk and get your site back online and operating normally again. If and when something goes wrong on your website (i.e. a server outage, file storage failure, or DNS error), you can rely on a responsive and experienced partner like Spiral Scout to answer your call right away, start assembling a strategy to fix the problem and keep communication lines open.

Our highly qualified and skilled experts will create a unique and extensive web maintenance plan that ensures your business gets a fast, secure, and seamless online experience. Spiral Scout's team of website support specialists’ incident response and web support practices may include but are not limited to, system administration, database administration, 3rd-party service administration, data recovery, and forensic analysis.


Proactive quality assurance reviews equip Spiral Scout web developers with the oversight they need to catch potential software bugs, performance issues and problems arising from third-party software upgrades before they become emergencies and affect your bottom-line.

End-to-end reviews also open the door to discovering opportunities for improving the overall user experience of your website and planning future upgrades. Spiral Scout’s website support team will highlight key findings from quality reviews in easy-to-read reports for you as well as make actionable recommendations and estimate timelines for addressing those improvements.

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Why Partner with Spiral Scout for Website Maintenance?

Rich and Versatile Expertise

Spiral Scout has been providing custom web and mobile app development for companies in California and nationwide for over 9 years and we have found that our rich and versatile technology experience translates across traditional web support lines. In addition to building and maintaining websites from the ground up, our talent is also frequently tapped to augment existing engineering teams or to take over projects started by other teams.

Our website maintenance specialists are skilled at quickly familiarizing themselves with new code, clearly documenting issues and vulnerabilities that require immediate attention, and finding the most cost-effective ways to fix them whether that’s modernizing site architecture or refactoring old legacy code.

Plus, Spiral Scout offers diverse programming skills to hire. Thanks to IT staff augmentation, any company can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing and recruiting talented website support and maintenance specialists.

Transparent and Flexible Pricing

At Spiral Scout, we know maintenance needs vary greatly from one web application to the next and what might be a small security patch for one company could be a much larger legacy code refactorization for another. Our different levels of technical support and website maintenance plans each represent a specific combination of skills, (hu)man-hours and tools.

Based on the best plan for you, our website support services will provide you with thorough system administration, monitoring, and reporting, as well as a timely resolution of any found issues. Moreover, any project we build for a client ourselves is guaranteed for its quality and performance. That means our team will fix any issues and bugs free of charge for the first 30 days after release.

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“Fixing incidents quickly reduces the impact such issues have on the system’s performance and our client’s business. However, when providing custom support and maintenance services, our main priority is taking proactive measures first around administering and monitoring the system, as this helps prevents incidents from happening in the first place“

Anton “JD” Titov CTO of Spiral Scout

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