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Whether you found us on your own (Hi Google) or were referred by one of our awesome clients, we're really excited to meet you.

If you haven't heard of us, we are a web development and design agency based in San Francisco, California and Minsk, Belarus (Yeah, the country in Eastern Europe). We do things a bit differently here. We believe in building great products by building strong relationships. We've collaborated with a wide range of clients — from idea-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. We work hard, think creatively, and listen to you.

Spiral Scout is a Local Business Enterprise (LBE) certified software development agency that can support governments at the city, county and state level in California including the City and County of San Francisco, the Judicial Council of California, the City of Oakland, and the City of Santa Barbara. 


We built this website to display our strengths through simplicity. Whether you need a slick website, a groundbreaking mobile app, or a custom CMS solution, we've got you covered. Reach out and join the Spiral Scout family today. We want to build something with you.




How We Work

Communication & Collaboration

Nobody knows your business better than you do. That's why we listen first, then offer the most suitable options for your vision. We explain, in plain English, exactly how we can build and structure the project you need. You can expect complete transparency every step of the way, and fast answers to all of your questions.

Quality Assurance

No project goes live until everything works exactly as expected. Our dedicated QA team will test and debug the entire code and report back to the engineering team with any fixes.

Reqs and Specs

We provide you with comprehensive technical specification documents that clearly outline your entire project’s feature set, timeline and cost. We work with you to identify your business needs, priorities, and opportunities before writing a single line of code.

Updates & Maintenance

As your business evolves, so must your software. When your project goes live and your user-base grows, we are standing by to provide any additional support and maintenance your product needs. Your growing business is our business.

Designs & Development

Our design and engineering team work closely to create clean and effective software through a combination of wire framing, UX/UI planning, visual design, coding and testing. We are big believers in agile development.

SEO, SEM & Social Media

Our team specializes in getting your business found on search engines and major social media channels. We'll help you attract users via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Featured Projects

Drew Altizer Photography

Drew Altizer Photography is a full-service photo agency covering charity, public relations and private events. We built a fully responsive site, featuring smart search, user accounts, online payments and an image database.

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Drew Altizer Photography
ElasticSearch based search engine, Image IPTC-EXIF-XMP data management (read/write), Stripe payment system integration, Bay Photo API integration
Responsive web design, HTML5, ECMAScript 5, CSS3, Spiral JavaScript toolkit, LESS CSS preprocessor. Template driven, Two-way data-binding development with Ractive.js, Audio library SoundManager 2


Cutcaster is an online marketplace for high-quality, royalty-free stock photography, illustrations, and vector graphics. Spiral Scout built the entire site, including a robust digital asset management system and e-commerce engine. The site also features a highly complex search engine, content upload and review, user accounts and management, accounting software for tax purposes, and a database that can handle 100s of millions of images.

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Cutcaster stock images and illustrations
SphinxSearch, PayPal, ImageMagick, Amazon Cloud, FTP
PHP5, Apache, MySQL, Spiral Framework
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Moment Website and iOS App

Moment is a native iOS application and fully responsive website that allows fans to connect with influencers via highly personalized, 30-second videos. Moment is the next generation of fan mail delivery and the future of the autograph. The app consists of two separate applications: one for buyers and one for sellers. Buyers can connect via Facebook or email, search/browse for celebrities, purchase "Moments," and then share them on various social networks. Sellers can set the number of Moments available in a specified time period, view and respond to requests, and accept payments.

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Facebook API, Native iOS, Mailchimp API, Stripe payment system integration, Google Analytics
MongoDB, Spiral Framework
Responsive framework, HTML5, ECMAScript 5, CSS3, Spiral JavaScript toolklit, LESS CSS preprocessor, Ractive.js templates, Video.js video player.

eLearning Template Library

Spiral Scout built a subscription-based digital asset management library and highly customizable CMS. Site operators can submit multiple files, batch them under similar tags, and offer them to customers for immediate download. The system can store and deliver images, illustrations, audio, video, Flash, ActionScript files, etc. There is also a front end user interface that enables admins to instantly edit any content on a page.

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SphinxSearch, ImageMagick, CMS, PayPal, USAePay
PHP5, Apache, MySQL, Spiral Framework
HTML5, ECMAScript 5, CSS3, Spiral JavaScript toolkit, LESS CSS preprocessor. Template driven, Two-way data-binding development with Ractive.js, Audio library SoundManager 2

Framed and Matted

Framed & Matted delivers elegant, simple and classic picture frames. Users can customize their frame via an online f rame builder that allows them to drag and slide their frame to the correct size. Spiral Scout built the entire site, including an e-commerce gateway, an easy to use page editor, an integrated shipping system (via the FedEx API), a complex CMS to manage user-created frames, a reseller's API and referral program, and a robust customer relationship dashboard to manage all members and orders.

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FedEx API, Image Magick, Spiral CMS, PayPal Integration
PHP5, Apache, MySQL, Spiral Framework,
HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, jQuery

Found Eats

Found Eats is an online social marketplace that helps customers easily discover and purchase specialty and gourmet food products from thousands of small food artisans all across the US. Spiral Scout built powerful search and social tools along with fully customizable user profiles and preferences. The site also features integrated payment and shipping systems as well as accounting software for tax purposes.

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Found Eats Gourmet Food and Snacks
ElasticSearch based search engine, Stripe payment system integration, TaxCloud API, USPS and FexEx delivery service.
HTML5, ECMAScript 5, CSS3, Spiral JavaScript toolklit, LESS css preprocessor, Ractive.js templates, Video.js video player / custom plugins

HTML 5 Games

Spiral Scout has converted a large number of e-learning games and quizzes from Flash to HTML5 for a client. This involve d building an engine that can quickly convert these games and an interface for admins to configure any of the files themselves.

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Google Fusion Tables API, SCORM
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Canvas, Web Audio API


Spiral Scout built eReader for Benchmark Education. eReader is a visual tool for education professionals, similar to Mic rosoft Powerpoint. Teachers can enhance the classroom experience by presenting e-books to the class with custom narration, drawing, and zooming. eReader was built for desktop, but is also suited for iPad and mobile.

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Narration engine, Drawing engine
Lithium as SAAS
Backbone.js, HTML5, Pure JS, WebAudio, UML, Canvas

Little Branch

Little Branch is a mobile social network that enables parents to privately share photos and updates of their children wi th family and friends. Spiral Scout built the mobile app, which features a complex Facebook-like timeline and newsfeed as well as friending/inviting capabilities. Users can take and upload photos and videos, add custom effects to uploads, and tag specific moments in a child's life. Users can also invite new members from their Facebook friends and contact list.

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Facebook API, Instagram-like photo filters, Phonegap, Native iOS
PHP5, Apache, MySQL, Spiral Framework, Geo-location
HTML5, CSS3, JQuery


Spiral Scout built ePlanner for Benchmark Education. ePlanner is a visual tool for education professionals to help organ ize curriculums and lesson plans based on Benchmark educational programs. Teachers can create, edit, view and delete individual or group lesson plans. The "calendar" application has all the features of a typical daily planner along with a sophisticated search option. Users can easily drag and drop lessons to different dates in order to better organize the curriculum or to take into account holidays and weather cancelations. ePlanner was built for the desktop and iPad.

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Lithium as SAAS
Spiral, MongoDB, PHP5
Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Less.js

Spiral CMF

Spiral CMF is a comprehensive Content Management Framework. The framework includes a CMS, complete with project template s, user accounts, ecommerce transactions, and media management. Additional features include file upload, language translation support, Google Analytics integration, MailChimp integration, MySQL and mongoDB support, detailed statistics, and system diagnostics.

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spiral content management system, cms, wordpress killer
Amazon S3, Amazon SES
MongoDB, Spiral, PHP5
Twitter Bootstrap, Less.js, Spiral

Maharani Weddings

Maharani Weddings is the ultimate planning resource, blog, and content portal for Indian weddings. Spiral Scout built a fully customizable website and backend where admins can manage the entire site's content, edit any page's metadata, add and remove advertisers, and connect users and content to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Visitors can search and browse through a directory of Indian vendors around the world and view daily reports of Indian weddings written by the site's administrator.

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Pinterest API, Facebook API, Twitter API
PHP5, Spiral, MySQL, Sphinx, ImageMagick
Twitter Bootstrap. Spiral. Less.js, HTML5


Wagfield Academy is an online dog training and puppy rearing school and community offering affordable and accessible soc ialization and training solutions. Spiral Scout built Wagfield a custom website to enable dog owners to purchase courses to help train their pets.

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Wagfield Dog Training
Stripe payment system integration
HTML5, ECMAScript 5, CSS3, Spiral JavaScript toolklit, LESS CSS preprocessor.


TechAdmin is a full-featured admin panel for Benchmark's educational clients (i.e. US school districts). It enables scho ol administrators to manage their entire district's student body and teacher base using a single tool. TechAdmin was built on top of Benchmark's custom API, allowing data to easily be imported and exported from the system. The admin panel is modular and can easily be modified in the future.

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Spiral, MongoDB, PHP5
Twitter Bootstrap, Less.js, Spiral


eCommerce, custom content management systems (CMS), corporate portals, CRM systems, mobile applications, Flash to HTML5 conversions, responsive design.


Our flexible eCommerce solution includes the latest in payment processing, 3rd party shipping integration, discount options, subscription services, fraud detection tools, and complete reporting and tracking history.


PHP5, .NET, Python, Ruby, Apache, Linux, MySQL, MongoDB, SphinxSearch, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Social Protocols, External API integrations, Mobile API Integration, Objective C, iOS SDK, Android, JSON.


  • I want to give a huge thanks to the team at Spiral Scout for making our Adobe integration so successful. They are a key partner to our companies development efforts and core to our future growth and development."
    View more ... Andrew Scivally
    Founder, eLearning Brothers
    I cannot recommend Spiral Scout more highly. They have been our developers since day 1 and now, 4 years later, they remain a critical partner in our growth. The work that they do is top notch and the value they provide is beyond anything we could find with another outsourced or in-house development solution. With SpiralScout, there is no issue too small or too large. When we have a question or bring them a potential project, they return with a thoughtful, timely and unbiased response that clearly answers our questions and lays out our potential options. Our founding team does not have a technical background so SpiralScout's expert opinions have been critical in helping us make the best decisions for our business. I have heard horror stories about companies that have worked with an outsourced development team. But after working with SpiralScout I cannot imagine finding a better web/mobile development solution. I do not know where we would be if we had not worked with SpiralScout from the beginning."
    View more ... Matthew Droessler
    CEO, Framed & Matted
  • Incredibly efficient and client focused. You can tell that Spiral Scout thrives on customer satisfaction. Focusing on the big picture they use their experience and expertise to ensure that every decision made aligns with the ultimate objective of providing a quality end user-experience. Spiral Scout epitomizes the concept of an ‘honest day’s wage for honest pay’. They are very fair and reasonable on price quotes for us, and their work is top notch. We feel every project gets exceptional value when the SS team is involved."
    View more ... Todd A. Cummings
    Director, eLearningBrothers Custom
    Although this was our first time creating a website, we felt like we were in great hands because Spiral Scout really guided us through the website creation process. They walked us through the different ways we could build our product and gave us advice on many aspects of the site, including user experience and SEO. During the bu ilding of the site, they were professional, personable and willing to go the extra mile. Overall, they gave us great value by giving us a great price, building things quickly and being responsive to our needs."
    View more ... Jennifer Cain
    Founder, girl-karma
  • Spiral Scout is very easy to work with, and they just "get it". We are able to talk with them about the user flow and the interaction we desire with our fervent audience, and they think through the whole process to create a cohesive system that helps both increase the number of our visitors and deepen our interaction with them."
    View more ... Shawna Gohel
    Founder, Maharani Weddings
    Spiral Scout provided incredible guidance and support throughout the mobile development process. They were very efficient in working through development challenges and ensured that our needs were met every step of the way. Their customer service, level of communication and response time was exceptional and they were a true extension of the team. With quality and reliability being key factors in a development team, Spiral Scout is the epitome of both!"
    View more ... Dave Jamieson
    Founder, Little Branch

Featured Clients

Who We Are

Our software company consists of product specialists, skilled developers, and designers who take complex software challenges and create easy-to-use websites and mobile apps for our customers. Our diverse set of technical skills and experience prepares us for any project thrown our way.
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JD, Co-Founder, CTO
Andrew, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
Andrey, Front-end Engineer, CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Linux and Windows.
Alex, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML, Linux, Windows and JavaScript.
Valentin, Back-end Engineer, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.
Nataliya, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
John, Co-Founder, CEO
Sebastian, User Experience and Interface Designer
Sergei, iOS and Android Mobile Engineer.
Yauheni, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
Sterling, Social Media Marketing and SEO
Lev, PHP, Backend engineer
Vladimir, Python and .NET engineer
Anton K.
Anton, Software Testing and Quality Assurance Engineer.
Iryna Murashova
Irina, Software Testing and Quality Assurance Engineer.
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Dmitry, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
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Chris, Copywriter
Dmitry, Python, Django Lead
Kseniya Yuk
Kseniya, Software Testing and Quality Assurance Engineer.
Maxim, Front-end Engineer, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
Michael, Python Engineer
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Julia, Project Manager
Danish, PHP and Wordpress Engineer